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ILM Leadership Academy

ILM, also known as the Institute for Leadership and Management, was established in the United Kingdom in 1878 under Royal Charter. With over one million learners, ILM is a world-leading organization for the certification of leadership qualifications, and Leadership Academy is authorized by ILM to deliver leadership training and credentials in China with a focus on enhancing the capabilities of future leaders.

We will introduce and explore various aspects of leadership here. Follow us and improve your leadership skills and knowledge!

Every year, more than 70,000 students study ILM leadership programs globally. ILM is committed to cultivating the key leadership capabilities required by students in their academic and career development, and helps students master the key skills, knowledge, and personal abilities required in the ever-changing social environment.

ILM Leadership Programs

Leadership Academy has launched three exciting ILM leadership development programs here in China.

Young Leaders Award

The Young Leaders Award program will help students cultivate core skills and behaviors in self-management and leadership, while gaining valuable experience in putting leadership knowledge and skills in practice through a mentoring project. This program is suitable for students who want to expand their understanding and experience with leadership, have plans to study abroad, and wish to enhance their college applications with a leadership certificate. Ideally, candidates in this program are between 16 to 24 years of age.

Leadership & Team Skills Certificate

The Leadership & Team Skills Certificate program is designed to help senior students and young professionals with some practical work experience to obtain a leadership certificate, enrich their resumes, qualify for better job opportunities, and improve their work performance. People who seek roles in leading others, especially in an international work environment, would benefit from this qualification. This program is mostly suited for candidates between 18 to 30 years of age.

Leadership & Management Diploma

The Leadership & Management Diploma is an advanced qualification for rising leaders who are managing people. The program is designed to develop essential capabilities for front-line supervisors, team leaders, and junior to middle managers. In addition to leadership skills and knowledge, students will also learn key business topics such as marketing, finance, and project management. This program is best for candidates between 24 to 40 years of age. ILM Leadership Academy is launching this program in China in September 2023.


Highlights of ILM Leadership

★ Globally Recognized Credential

ILM is a world-leading leadership qualification organization registered by Royal Charter in the UK. In addition to receiving a highly respected certificate, students will also receive a free one-year membership with the Institute, which provides access to a wealth of online resources for further leadership and management development.

★ Highly Qualified Teachers

Students will learn online with professional tutors who are native English speakers, gaining a unique and authentic overseas learning experience without leaving the country. Our tutors
are also university teachers who teach executive MBA programs and possess rich leadership and management experience from business and industry.

★ Bilingual Learning Content

Students do not need to be proficient in English to start learning. Bilingual course materials will help students adapt to the English learning environment and continually improve their English skills during the learning process. The final assessment is based on the student’s learning outcomes, not their language skills.

★ Flexible Study Arrangement

The learning journey will match your desired schedule. Students have access to the Leadership Academy platform and live tutorial support for 4 months and can progress through the program at their own pace. Students can review the online learning materials, join live classroom sessions, and complete the assignment at their own pace. Some students may get busy with other activities and take a break while others take a ‘fast track’ approach and complete the program in under two weeks.

★ Professional Support Services

The Leadership Academy Team will provide comprehensive academic and administrative assistance to students throughout the learning experience. The Tutor will provide ongoing personalized coaching support, ensuring that all students are successful in the program. A dedicated Chinese-speaking Student Advisor will also help ensure a smooth experience during the learning process.

★ Valuable Certificate

When students successfully complete the course they will receive an official hardcopy Certificate from ILM in the UK, which includes a QR code for digital authentication. Students will also receive a Certificate of Achievement (PDF version) and a Recommendation Letter (PDF version) from the Leadership Academy, on behalf of the ILM Centre in China.