Young Leaders Award


Young people will learn how to develop a growth mindset, enhance resilience, improve leadership, achieve goals, establish leadership behaviors, and positively influence others. Under the guidance and supervision of professional foreign teachers (native English speakers), they will enhance themselves comprehensively through theoretical knowledge and practical application and experience the value of helping others through service activities.

Project Price



  • 15 hours of online recorded videos
  • 2 hours of consultation and coaching
  • Customized 1V1 consultation
  • Group discussions
  • Post-class assessments (combined interviews and 1-on-1 discussions)

Training Scheme

This project takes about 30 hours to complete, including project introduction, 1-on-1 coaching, and online learning.

You can learn: leadership behavior, effective communication, goal setting, conflict management, growth mindset, cultivating grit, stress management, and time management, among others

Suitable for

16-24 years old. In particular, Chinese high school students who wish to study abroad and seek to be more competitive in university applications. For students with no leadership experience, this program can enrich their resumes and add practical experience.

Through learning, you will gain:

Basic knowledge and skills of leadership and self-management.

Valuable leadership practice experience.

Enhanced self-awareness, self-confidence, and sense of self-responsibility.


Improved English ability in a bilingual learning environment.

Assistance for future studies and more job opportunities.

A globally recognized leadership qualification certificate: ILM Award for Young Leader.

Anyone can be a LEADER? Why not YOU?

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