Why do you need to improve leadership?


Personal Growth

Leadership is not just about managing and guiding others, but also about cultivating self-awareness, clarifying one’s values and goals, setting plans, and following through on execution.



Whether in school or a career, youth with leadership abilities are more effective at collaborating with others, resolving conflicts, and achieving common goals.



Leadership programs hone critical thinking and problem-solving skills, helping young people cope with various challenges in life.


Social Responsibility

Leadership education emphasizes social responsibility and obligation, enabling young people to recognize their societal role and positively contribute to its development.

Time Management

Leadership programs train young people on how to use their time effectively, prioritize tasks in their academic and personal lives based on importance, and organize matters methodically.


Enhanced Competitiveness

Whether applying for study abroad or looking for a job, leadership experience, and internationally recognized leadership certificates provide young people with more opportunities.

“Leadership is elevating oneself, influencing others, and shaping the future!”

Leadership is actually like a compass in life. When faced with disagreements in group assignments, it teaches you how to communicate and negotiate with peers. In the face of school activities, it helps you organize and plan, ensuring each event runs smoothly. Even when you encounter minor frictions with friends, leadership principles can guide you to understand and mediate, allowing for quicker reconciliation. Learning leadership is not just for the sake of leading a team in the future, it’s also for you right now, enabling you to face each and every challenge in life better.

Why Choose the ILM Institute of Leadership & Management?

50 Years

Valuable Experience


ILM Students globally


Recommended By Students


Employers Highly Recommend

Global recognition

The ILM Institute of Leadership & Management, registered by the Royal Charter, is a globally leading organization for leadership qualification certification, with over one million student body.

Professional support services

The ILM Leadership Academy team will provide comprehensive and customized help to students throughout the program and ensure all students can successfully complete the program.

Bilingual learning content

Students don’t need to be proficient in English to start learning. Bilingual textbooks will help students adapt to the English learning environment and improve their English skills during the learning process.

Flexible learning schedule

The leadership program learning journey will be arranged by the students themselves. Students can access the ILM Leadership Academy’s learning management platform at any time within four months and receive online coaching support, completing the program at their desired pace.

Obtain Valuable Certificates

Overseas universities place high importance on leadership experience. A leadership certificate proves that the holder possesses excellent team management and decision-making skills, and it is a crucial advantage for academic and career development

High-quality faculty

Students will study online with professional native English teachers, gaining a unique and authentic overseas learning experience without leaving home.

Looking to enrich your application and open doors to study abroad? The Young Leaders Award programs is your top pick.
Want to enhance your resume and pave the way to your ideal job? Leadership & Team Skills Certificate comes highly recommended.


The program aims to enhance youth leadership, help students develop core skills and behaviors in self-management and leadership, obtain a leadership certificate, and gain valuable social service experience.

Target audience:

Teenagers aged 16-24

Training package:

This program takes about 30 hours to complete, including project introduction, 1-on-1 coaching, and online learning.


Original Price: ¥12,800

Summer Offer 10% Off: ¥11,520

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What is 7 + 6 ?


The program assists senior students and young professionals with practical work experience to enhance their workplace leadership, obtain a leadership certificate, enrich their resumes, get better job opportunities, improve work efficiency, and be effective in leading others.

Target audience:

Individuals aged between 18-30

Training package:

This program takes about 30 hours to complete, including project introduction, 1-on-1 coaching, online learning platform, and leadership application project assessment and feedback.


Original Price: ¥14,800

Summer Offer 10% Off: ¥13,320

ILM Leadership Programs Are Marking an IMPACT!

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