Leadership & Management Diploma


The Leadership & Management Diploma is designed to cultivate basic leadership and management skills for frontline supervisors, team leaders, and junior to mid-level managers. In addition to learning skills and knowledge to foster leadership, participants will also learn about market marketing, finance, and project management. The ILM Leadership Academy will launch this project in China in September 2023.

Project Price



  • 15 hours of online recorded videos
  • 2 hours of consultation and coaching
  • Customized 1V1 consultation
  • Group discussions
  • Post-class assessments (combined interviews and 1-on-1 discussions)

Training Scheme

This project takes about 30 hours to complete, including project introduction, 1-on-1 coaching, and online learning.

You can learn: leadership behavior, effective communication, goal setting, stress management, time management, team building, and performance management, among others

Suitable for

Between 24-40 years old. In particular, those who want to improve leadership skills and knowledge, as well as marketing, finance, project management, and other related knowledge.

Through learning, you will gain:


Acquisition of leadership skills and knowledge.

Learning related knowledge in market marketing, finance, and project management.

Receive an official paper certificate issued by the ILM Institute of Leadership & Management, including a QR code for digital certification.

Anyone can be a LEADER? Why not YOU?

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