How is leadership developed?

Developing leadership skills involves various aspects, mainly including the following factors:

  1. Self-Understanding: First, you need to understand your current level of leadership skills. This involves knowing your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This step can be achieved through self-reflection or by participating in specially designed assessments, such as leadership level tests.
  2. Clarifying Goals and Directions: A good leader needs to have a strong sense of the bigger picture and goal orientation, understanding what needs to be done at each stage, and striving to secure all available resources and conditions, set the direction for the team’s actions, and work towards it.
  3. Breakdown Planning and Work: Cultivating leadership is not accomplished in one step but requires gradual practice and learning. You can break down your overall goals into a series of specific steps or small goals and decompose these steps or small goals into tasks that can be completed daily or weekly.
  4. Enhancing Workplace Control: Continuously improving your professional ability and interpersonal skills, and building self-confidence, is also an important step in enhancing leadership skills.
  5. Practicing Leadership: Practice is key to improving leadership skills. If you are already a team leader, you can try to lead your team in a more professional way; if you are not yet a leader, you can also look for opportunities to exercise your leadership skills, such as participating in team projects,taking on leadership roles in community activities,or mentoring others.

During this process, you may need to constantly reflect and adjust your methods to ensure that your leadership skills continue to improve. The ILM Leadership Academy can provide learners with the Young Leaders Award programme and the Certificate in Leadership & Team Skills programme. Through learning, you can acquire the key skills, knowledge, and personal abilities required in the ever-changing social environment, making your goals clearer during the learning process. For any questions about leadership programs, you can contact us for more detailed information.”