How to correctly understand leadership?

In understanding leadership, it is essential to focus on the following key points:

1、Leadership is Influence: Leadership is more than just giving orders and control. The essence of leadership is influence – achieving common goals by influencing the behavior and thoughts of others.

2、Leadership Involves Vision Building: Leaders need to see possibilities beyond the current situation and set and communicate a future vision that excites people.

3、Leadership Means Team Building: Leadership also includes the ability to cultivate and develop team members and coordinate team efforts to achieve common goals.

4、Leadership Requires Decision-Making Skills: Leaders need to be able to handle complex information, make decisions, and be responsible for their decisions.

5、Leadership Requires Ethics and Integrity: Excellent leaders need noble moral character and impeccable integrity. Their actions need to align with their values and goals.

6、Leadership Can be Learned and Developed: While some people may be born with leadership talent, leadership can also be developed and enhanced through learning, practice, and experience.

Therefore, leadership is a complex but incredibly important ability, encompassing influencing others, setting a vision, building a team, making decisions, upholding ethics and integrity, and continuous learning and development. The key to understanding leadership is to understand how these different elements work together to form effective leadership.


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