Youth Leadership: Key to Enhancing Self-Efficacy


We often hear about the need to cultivate leadership skills in youth, but did you know that by improving their leadership, they not only learn how to lead teams and solve problems, becoming more confident, but also enhance their sense of self-efficacy, which is essential for career development? Join the ILM Leadership Development Center in exploring how leadership development helps young people enhance their self-efficacy.

What is Self-Efficacy?

Self-efficacy is an individual’s belief in their ability to perform a specific action. Simply put, if a person believes that an action will result in the desired outcome, they are more likely to undertake that action. This concept was first introduced by psychologist Albert Bandura in 1977. Bandura noted that a strong sense of self-efficacy is key to overcoming life’s obstacles and injustices to achieve success. The stronger an individual’s sense of self-efficacy, the more motivated and capable they are to take proactive steps.


The Importance of Youth Leadership


Adolescence is a critical period for developing key social and leadership skills. Participating in leadership training programs allows systematic learning of leadership theories and practical skills. The ILM Leadership Development Center, in collaboration with New Oriental, offers a youth leadership program that covers decision-making, team management, conflict resolution, and more, helping youths practice new skills in a safe environment and build confidence, thereby enhancing their sense of self-efficacy. Once this belief is established, whether in academics or future work, youths will navigate challenges with greater ease.

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Mentor Guidance and Feedback

Adults play a crucial role in nurturing youth leadership, regularly seeking feedback from experienced mentors to understand their own leadership performance and areas for improvement. Positive feedback can boost youths’ confidence, while constructive feedback helps them learn how to enhance their leadership skills more effectively. The ILM Youth Leadership program, led by Craig Campbell, a foreign professor with over 20 years of international experience in international business, management consulting, and talent development, offers personalized coaching support to participants.

Leadership Activities

Engaging personally in leadership activities is an excellent opportunity to test and display one’s capabilities. When youths see their planned activities run smoothly or lead a team to achieve goals, the belief “I can do it” gradually strengthens. The ILM Youth Leadership program provides valuable leadership experience and allows young people to experience the joy of helping others through service activities.


In summary, by enhancing leadership skills, youths not only learn valuable abilities but also build confidence throughout the process, laying a solid foundation for future success in both academics and their careers. Join the ILM Leadership Development Center to create more growth opportunities for youths!