What does true leadership look like?

True leadership is not only reflected in positions or rights, but leadership is actually a kind of ability and influence, which can make others voluntarily follow and invest in the process of achieving common goals. True leadership should have the following elements:

  1. Understand and respect others: Good leaders need to understand and respect every member of the team, including their ideas and their own potential.
  2. Resilience: True leaders need to have the ability to make adaptive decisions in different situations, and they can find solutions to problems in complex and uncertain environments.
  3. Passion and sense of purpose: True leaders are passionate about their work. Passion and love for work can infect and motivate team members to work together.
  4. Service to others: A good leader will pay attention to the needs of team members and provide support and assistance.
  5. Learning and growing: True leaders are willing to learn, accept suggestions and feedback from others, and continue to improve and develop on this basis.

Authentic leadership is the ability to manage others in a way that understands, respects and motivates, leading a group toward a common goal.

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