Young Leaders Award,knocking on the door of prestigious schools overseas!

In a world with intense competition and limited opportunities, leadership and self-management are increasingly important skills for students to gain a strategic advantage. To help the younger generation discover and cultivate these key skills early in life, Leadership Academy was created to introduce the ILM ‘Young Leaders Award’ program to China. This learning solution aims to assist teenagers and young adults in establishing a solid foundation in leadership and self-management.

Leadership Academy is managed by Impact Talent (Insert Chinese Name), a professional training provider authorized by ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) to deliver its qualifications in China.

Project Introduction

The ILM ‘Young Leaders Award’ program revolves around three key themes – Leading Yourself, Leading Teams, and Mentoring Others. Students will learn how to develop a growth mindset, improve resilience, increase performance, achieve goals, build leadership behaviours, and positively impact others.

Students will receive expert guidance and support from a professional foreign teacher, enhancing themselves comprehensively through both theoretical knowledge and practical applications, and experience the value of helping others through a service project.

The Young Leaders Award program revolves around one core objective — developing self-leadership and resilience in teenagers. They will receive guidance and supervision from professionals, enhancing themselves comprehensively, and experiencing the value of helping others through practical activities. More importantly, a widely recognized leadership certificate can provide applicants with an advantage in competitive university applications and professional development. For teenagers aspiring to study abroad, this is a rare opportunity.

By participating in the ILM ‘Young Leaders Award’, students can gain:

  • Essential skills and knowledge in leadership and self-management.
  • Valuable experience in practical leadership through a supervised project.
  • Enhanced sense of self-awareness, confidence, and personal responsibility.
  • A chance to improve English language capability in a bilingual learning environment.
  • A boost for future education and career opportunities.
  • A globally recognized leadership qualification certificate: ILM ‘Award for Young Leaders’.

Suitable For

This program is primarily intended for students aged 16-24 and is especially applicable for Chinese high school students who aspire to study abroad and want to enhance the competitiveness of their university applications. For students without leadership activities, this program can provide important practical experience and enrich their resumes.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive an official paper Certificate and Transcript issued by ILM, which includes a secure QR code for credential authentication and identity verification. Students will also receive a digital Recommendation Letter and a Certificate of Completion from the ILM Center in China. These documents may be used as evidence of Leadership qualifications in applications or career advancement.

If you are a young adult filled with anticipation for the future, eager to improve yourself, and ready to take on exciting challenges, join us now and achieve new breakthroughs in your leadership development path.

Anyone can become a leader, so why not you?